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Gael Aviation Americas is a leading provider of Safety, Quality and Risk management solutions to the aviation industry. Our vision is to enable customers to do the "right things right" and to explore ways of doing things better while ensuring all compliance needs are addressed and managed. Our products are shaped by feedback from our loyal user base the world over and always designed to deliver clear business benefits.

The long term success of Gael Aviation America can only be achieved by ensuring customers continue to see value and benefit from their investment in Gael's products and services.

Ashley Marron
Chief Executive Officer, Gael

Q-Pulse was initially developed for the manufacturing sector in 1992, and by 1994 our first airline customers had begun using it as a framework for their QMS.

Our key aviation customers encouraged us to extend our capability into SMS and, with significant input from some of the most successful airlines in the world, we developed this capability and delivered the first integrated QMS/SMS solution in the marketplace. Within one year of launching our SMS solution, over 50 operators and aviation related organizations had deployed it, often unseating incumbent solutions of many years standing.

We purposely and continually engage with the aviation marketplace, facilitating aligned LinkedIn groups, hosting user groups across the world and making a Gael Customer Portal website available 24/7/365 to ensure we are always reachable for our users, listening intently to their vision and needs for the future.

We, and our strategic partners, are active members of NBAA, HAI, AAAE, IATA, the Flight Safety Foundation and the UK Flight Safety Committee, giving us an insight to the wider needs of the aviation community and an ability to develop timely and appropriate solutions to help customers meet regulatory requirements.

Our strategic aviation partner, Sextant Readings Solutions, for example, delivers aviation safety consulting, IS-BAO audit capacity and support, utilizing Gael products as the information foundation to enable Quality and Safety management in our customers and prospects.

Integrated safety, quality and risk management

Gain control | Eliminate duplication of effort | Minimize bureaucracy

Ashley Marron, Gael's CEO, says: "At Gael, we believe that technology can improve safety and quality without adding layers of bureaucracy. It can help us identify gaps in processes and controls and encourage us to take action. The days of islands of data are long gone and today it is essential that systems interact with each other to minimise duplication of effort, reduce errors and demonstrate control and compliance effectively.

"This is why we have forged relationships with key vendors in the aviation marketplace and provided for seamless integration of Q-Pulse with other technology solutions used widely in the industry. This integrated approach delivers real value and benefit to our customers.

"We pride ourselves on the quality of solutions and services we provide - we listen, we act and we deliver on our promises."

In recent years, we have developed a number of solutions that help the aviation sector connect fragmented islands of information, such as;

  • Safety Reporting and Investigations solutions were developed in support of SMS demands
  • Mobile iPad solutions were designed in light of the acceptance of such devices within the aviation community to assist with auditing and document management
  • Gael Risk helps staff understand risk, lets management have complete oversight of their risk profile and provides the risk professional with a comprehensive solution to manage the complete risk lifecycle

We acknowledge that there is still work to be done to integrate disparate systems with SMS. For example, we are exploring connection points in the areas of fatigue risk management systems (FRMS), ground operations and flight planning. Work with us to develop our vision of doing the "right things right”.

At Gael Aviation Americas, we believe we are able to add value to your business and would like to engage you to help us deliver a complete, integrated management system to suit your business needs. Contact us today!

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